Friday, October 26, 2007

Large Format & Object Lighting

"Optimash Prime" This was done for one of my large format assignments in the end of my 1st year. It was our still life assignment. I used 4x5 Ektachrome for this one.

"Water I" This is my original idea for this assignment. It was for my Object Lighting class. I've always seen cool pictures of things exploding, so I wanted to try it. The only thing is, most times they have a sound or motion gate - I didn't. I did this over and over until I had the timing down. There are somethings I can do to make this better, and when I re-shoot this particular scene, I'll post.

"Water II" This was a redo of the above assignment, but this time was shot in studio. To begin with, I used studio strobes to light it, but then ended up using a small flash instead.

"Our Choice - Portfolio" For the portfolio in Object Lighting. To me, this one was all about texture. I wanted to have this really pretty hand painted candle lit.

"Our Choice - Portfolio" This was also for the portfolio. I wanted to treat this small statue like I would a person when it comes to lighting. I wanted texture in the wings, dress and hair while still having pleasing light on the face.

"Portfolio - Edible" Another portfolio piece for Object Lighting. What can I say. M & Ms. Yum.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Small Format

"Fast" This was for a weekly. Two boys practice at the YMCA in Asheboro, NC for an upcoming midnight basketball game.

Brooklyn doesn't pay attention to me as I snap her picture.

One of the "moving artists" during Greensboro's Arts and Storytelling Festival adds her little bit of fun to a canvas that is shared by six other artists.

He relaxes after a few glasses of wine during The 2007 Wine Festival at Tanglewood.

After rolling around on the ground, Maxine grins while I take her picture. She and her mom enjoy themselves at the Arts and Storytelling Festival.

A large group of kids try to beat the heat at the Asheboro YMCA during the hot June days.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Yes! Well, this was for a project near the end of our class. We had to light latex to make it nice and clean. I think I did ok. The hard part was doing the initial setup for this - I had a pig's foot and and was faking a surgery. Anyway, after it was all done, I thought this one fulfilled the assignment better.

camera: Nikon D1X
aperture/ss: f 19 @ 1/30 sec
ASA: 250