Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lines...mmm fun.

We had this assignment in portrait class where we looked at 3 different body positions, or lines. I, S curves, and C curves. We had to use a male and female to post in both masculine and feminine versions of all 3 lines. This was especially hard for me because I didn't really have an idea on how to pose people to begin with. But, I do have to say thank goodness we were only doing silhouettes of our models...we were laughing so hard during these soots that I can guarantee the faces would have been horrendous. I def. have some things to work on... The original assignment called for plain white walls, but since this isn't the assignment, I changed them. What can I say, I like color.


mattbell said...

great idea to use gels.

jenn laughlin said...

Nice colors. That assignment was awesome.