Tuesday, December 11, 2007


We have this assignment where we have to shoot a classic George Hurrell-ish styled picture. For this image, I sat April in a very feminine pose. I also used dramatic butterfly lighting. The only problem I have with this is I really like the color version. The color of the dress is awesome with the red-burgundy of the chaise and lipstick. But, since this was supposed to be a black and white assignment, I had to tone it down. I desaturated the image, but not completely. I do like the second version as well.


Sophia Zimmerman said...

Great lighting, I like the one that is darker.

Angie Hoffman said...

I really like the desaturated one. This is a really good Hurrell.

Lanham said...

Nice pose and light. I remember this Hurrell and you did a good job with it. I'm wondering how he handled her right eye and if it was hanging a little. Have to check it out.