Thursday, January 17, 2008

for my first assignment

This was my first attempt. My first REAL one. There are def. some issues, but also some good things. I need to work on my math a little better... I used stupid strobes and "popped" (bracketing of course) from 4 to 32 times. Granted, that's only 2 under, and 1 over, I'd still like to have done better. My aperture was at f22 (but I'm not happy with it. I'd have liked a lot less dof actually) and I used Kodak e100. I like the lens choice though, it's fun to play with. 60mm Nikon lens/camera at 1:1.

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Angie Hoffman said...

The flower is neat. I think we all learned a lot this first time around...well, except for Robert.