Friday, February 1, 2008

More Macro

All of these were done while at the NC Zoo for another assignment. I wanted to try using only available light for my macro assignments this week, so shooting at the zoo was a perfect time. I did ok for most of the images. But when I went into the monkey exhibit I really struggled to keep from there being blur. I ended up shooting the 1st and last image in there at around 1/15 - 1/20 of a second at f2.8 and f4. No depth of field, but I don't necessarily think that hurt the images. I prefer shallow dof on these. The middle one is for the 'metal' requirement of this week's assignment and is the lower portion of a magnifying glass - the big silver things that you put a quarter in to see in the distance... All images are shot at a 2:1 ratio with a D200, 55mm lens, and lots of available light.


Christy Bullins said...

oh that is freakin awesome!
i like the green one!!! awesome depth of field!!!

Lucy said...

These look really favorite it the last one.