Saturday, August 16, 2008

Some Re-shoots of a Sort...

I did a version of these images sometime while I was a student. I didn't really like them, and didn't even use them for the assignment they were for. So, for my final portfolio, I chose to re-do these. They are some of my favorite 'trys' and I wanted to actually do what I wanted with them. All in all, I got the effects I wanted: The smoke is very organic and abstract. The water is clearer with a darker background to increase contrast and has much more movement while still keeping the water balloon shape. My straws are glowing even though I shot them in a fairly bright area. Minimal PS work done to all of them. Mostly slight contrast and saturation changes with a little sharpening. I did help the background on the straws so it went black, and I removed the needle used to pop the balloon.

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